Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Time I Saw Sasquatch

I was five years old when I saw it the first time.  I was standing inside my grandparent’s bedroom leaning on the edge of the windowsill looking out.  It was night, my grandfather always took the old loaves of bread that were going bad and scattered it around next to the house so I could see the Raccoons and Possums come up to eat. 

We lived in a pretty secluded neighborhood backing up to a large swamp and tidal creek area.  Pretty awesome place for a young boy who loved animals, fishing, and just playing outdoors until it was too dark to see your way back to the house.

That night I stood watching the animals fighting over scraps of bread in the shine of the floodlights hanging from the corner of our house.  That’s when something else caught my eye.  About twenty feet further back into the woods she was standing there looking out around from behind a large pine tree.  She was definitely female.  When she looked around the tree I could see her hand, shoulder, face, and one large hairy breast.  All kidding aside it was the first time I’d ever seen a boob, a pretty big deal for a boy.

I remember watching and wondering why the monkey wasn’t going to come eat the bread.  I remember thinking that we should have put a banana out there.  She stood there looking from behind the tree for as long as I remember watching and then she was gone.  My grandfather shut off the lights a short time later and my grandma came and helped me start getting ready for bed. 

Knowing what I know about Bigfoot now, I bet the second that light went off she made a quick meal of one or two of those varmints fighting over the breadcrumbs.

That was over twenty five years ago.  Ever since then seeing Sasquatch again or proving that it exists has been a hobby of mine. I’ve come close a few other times but I’ll save that story for another post.

Until next time, stay safe and take the time to look at the details, you might be surprised what you find.


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